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Humble Beginnings...

Like more than a few good things in life, my whisky passion started with a dram, a dram of whisky on my wedding day. It was nothing fancy mind, just an aptly named “Founders Reserve”.  From there I dived deep into the whisky ocean, and went - like a lot of you I imagine - on a wonderful journey of discovery.  A journey not just of taste, places, and special moments in time...but of whisky people and their stories.

Whisky is a wonderful medicine. When treated with respect, it brings people together, and encourages community, sharing and enjoyment.  Whisky stimulates creativity and its appreciation. It can open up the heart and stir the soul. 


From just the three simple ingredients of barley, water, and yeast, and then through a romantic industrial - or even alchemical process - beautiful spirit emerges to be filled into casks, and rests there for time and wood to work their magic.  Later, sometimes much later, design & bottling occurs. Only then comes the special moment for us all to taste and discover this water of life.  

East Coast Whisky represents the continuation of this journey, into sharing with you what whisky is out there, the experiences and stories it brings, and the people it meets along its way.

There will be blogging, tastings, whisky meals, festivals, cask bottling, and more as we journey to maturation.

Our focus is coastal and local, as myself and the team are based in East Lothian and Edinburgh, Scotland. Yet we are open to all who form this global whisk(e)y community, near and far.

So welcome, pour yourself a #dramotheday and enjoy!!!

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Another month, another vertical whisky tasting!! This time tracing the delights of Balblair distillery, as far back as 1966.

I love this Highland gem, and can’t wait to share it with you!! Some of these bottles are one off’s and/or very rare, so this will be another very special evening.

These are the 10 drams (20ml) that will be featured:

Balblair 18

Balblair 99 - 2016 TWE exclusive

Balblair Highland Whisky Festival 97 - 2019

Balblair 97 - 2018 LMDW exclusive

Balblair 91 - 2017 Glasgow Airport exclusive

Balblair 1990 - 2019 cask sample

Balblair 85 - 2015 NATEX exclusive

Balblair 1979 24yo

Balblair 78 - 2008

Balblair 1966 38yo

The evening will run from 7.30 - 10pm, on Friday 16th April, on Zoom. This will be recorded if you can’t make that date.

The tasting costs £110 all inclusive (DPD to Europe is a bit more, available upon request).

For East Coast Whisky members the cost is £100 (please enquire if interested).

To join: including your name, address, and Balblair in the notes. If this is your first tasting with us, please also email these to

Drams will be sent first class, signed for, a week before the event. You will also receive some collated tastings notes and a Zoom link a couple of days before the evening too.

This will be an amazing tasting whether you are new to Balblair or not, and a great introduction to a distillery we will be visiting on a East Coast Whisky tour in the months ahead!!



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The Ultimate Jura Tasting

- Friday 12th March

An online tasting partnership between myself & the Isle of Jura's brand home manager Mark Bruce. We will introduce you to some of the best Jura whiskies, and take you on a much needed imaginary whisky holiday, to this wonderful island!! There will even be 10 drams, five from each of us.

For more info & to book, see blog post on this website

Edinburgh Food Social x East Coast Whisky - Thursday 18th March

A very special food and whisky event.

3 delicious courses & 5 drams, delivered to your any EH postcode, for £65.

Spaces selling fast:

Old & Rarer 7th Heaven Whisky Tasting - Friday 26th March

To make up for the loss of this year's in person Old & Rare Whisky Show, I am proud to present this 9 dram (20ml) online whisky tasting, full of whisky gems, all distilled in the 1970’s (except the 35yo Millburn, 1969). Some are legendary, whilst some are to be discovered...especially the mystery dram!!

For more info & to book, see the blog post on this website.

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Updated: Mar 6

I am very happy to announce an online tasting event partnership between myself & the Isle of Jura's brand home manager Mark Bruce. We will introduce you to some of the best Jura whiskies, and take you on a much needed imaginary whisky vacation to this wonderful island!! There will even be 10 drams, five from each of us...

Mark’s official Jura selection

Jura 18, Jura distillery cask (hand filled 15th January 2021), Jura boutique barrel (from 2010 festival), Jura heavily peated (from 2007, Crinan classic boat festival), and Jura 4 whiskies you cannot get anywhere else!!

Frederick’s Indy Jura selection

Chapter 7 21, Hidden Spirits 21, SMWS 25, Pearls of Scotland 26, and Lady of the Glen 28. All excellent drams, with favourable reviews.

The tasting will run on Zoom, from 7.30 - 10pm, on Friday 12th March. Mark and I will be co-presenting. There will also be a virtual distillery walk through during the evening.

The cost of this event is £90 all inclusive, with 1st class signed for UK delivery. All packs are posted the week before the week of the tasting. The drams come in 20ml bottles.

To join please pay Please add "Ultimate Jura" in the notes, as well as your current postal address if you are new to East Coast Whisky tastings. Please also then email so I can send you the Zoom link and the tasting notes, during the week of the event.

Any further questions? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are both looking forward to welcoming you, and your whisky friends, to the Isle of Jura.


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