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Humble Beginnings...

Like more than a few good things in life, my whisky passion started with a dram, a dram of whisky on my wedding day. It was nothing fancy mind, just an aptly named “Founders Reserve”.  From there I dived deep into the whisky ocean, and went - like a lot of you I imagine - on a wonderful journey of discovery.  A journey not just of taste, places, and special moments in time...but of whisky people and their stories.

Whisky is a wonderful medicine. When treated with respect, it brings people together, and encourages community, sharing and enjoyment.  Whisky stimulates creativity and its appreciation. It can open up the heart and stir the soul. 

From just the three simple ingredients of barley, water, and yeast, and then through a romantic industrial - or even alchemical process - beautiful spirit emerges to be filled into casks, and rests there for time and wood to work their magic.  Later, sometimes much later, design & bottling occurs. Only then comes the special moment for us all to taste and discover this water of life.  

East Coast Whisky represents the continuation of this journey, into sharing with you what whisky is out there, the experiences and stories it brings, and the people it meets along its way.

There will be blogging, tastings, whisky meals, festivals, cask bottling, and more as we journey to maturation.

Our focus is coastal and local, as myself and the team are based in East Lothian and Edinburgh, Scotland. Yet we are open to all who form this global whisk(e)y community, near and far.

So welcome, pour yourself a #dramo'the day and enjoy!!!

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Dornoch Distillery x East Coast Whisky

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Our first bottle release, and it's special!!

Glen Garioch Single Malt Scotch Whisky

1988, 29 Years Old, rescued Summer 2022.

Refill Hogshead / 72 bottles

46.2% ABV

Artwork by: East Coast Whisky

Price: £235 inc VAT

SOLD OUT. Thank you to all who have bought one!! There is a waiting list if allocation isn't fulfilled.

Nose: Salted plums, some wood spice; quality cinnamon quills, gentle peat; heathery, earthy and aromatic. Some veg bullion & dried sage/Marjoram. Preserved dates, black wine gums, plum sauce, Highland (heather) honey (with honeycomb/wax).

Palate: Soft, round & juicy then gentle spice grows. Soft ripe fruits; plums & greengages, crunchy green pepper. The peat is balanced with salted heathery notes – Reminds me of Japanese preserved Sakura blossom (salted Flower)

Finish: The spice grows but is well balanced, gentle and aromatic; cloves, nutmeg, Nandita incense, camphor, burnt candle wicks & plum sauce

Check our the shipping page before ordering!

The opportunity to purchase this bottle will end at 12 pm on Monday 19th September

Non-Chill filtered and natural colour. This spirit may haze at low temperatures and under dilution.

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