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Humble Beginnings...

Like more than a few good things in life, my whisky passion started with a dram, a dram of whisky on my wedding day. It was nothing fancy mind, just an aptly named “Founders Reserve”.  From there I dived deep into the whisky ocean, and went - like a lot of you I imagine - on a wonderful journey of discovery.  A journey not just of taste, places, and special moments in time...but of whisky people and their stories.

Whisky is a wonderful medicine. When treated with respect, it brings people together, and encourages community, sharing and enjoyment.  Whisky stimulates creativity and its appreciation. It can open up the heart and stir the soul. 


From just the three simple ingredients of barley, water, and yeast, and then through a romantic industrial - or even alchemical process - beautiful spirit emerges to be filled into casks, and rests there for time and wood to work their magic.  Later, sometimes much later, design & bottling occurs. Only then comes the special moment for us all to taste and discover this water of life.  

East Coast Whisky represents the continuation of this journey, into sharing with you what whisky is out there, the experiences and stories it brings, and the people it meets along its way.

There will be blogging, tastings, whisky meals, festivals, cask bottling, and more as we journey to maturation.

Our focus is coastal and local, as myself and the team are based in East Lothian and Edinburgh, Scotland. Yet we are open to all who form this global whisk(e)y community, near and far.

So welcome, pour yourself a #dramotheday and enjoy!!!

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In these dark days of not Summer 2024 we need some special drams to cheer us all up. So how about some exquisite old & rare whiskies to lighten the mood?...

1978 Aberfeldy 40 50.1%

1973 Longrow “The Birds” 46%

1961 Mortlach 39 Scott’s Selection 40.8%

1977 Brora 38 48.6%

1990 Caol Ila 32 C.o.D. 51.5%

1983 Clynelish 36 S.M.o.S. 47.1%

1977 Convalmore 20 Cadenhead’s 46%

1971 Dallas Dhu 21 G&M 40%

We will meet on Zoom at 7.45pm on Friday 16th August. If you can't make it we record our sessions so you can watch & taste along later. All 15ml drams are sent to you in post protected packaging.

To join our community to get involved with this or any of our tastings, tours and events, please email us at dram@eastcoastwhisky or join/ping us on WhatsApp

As we are also meeting in person at The Edinburgh Larder in August (see below), this will be the only online tasting this month. Given the special nature of these drams, including one of my all time top 5, you will not want to miss this!!!

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Remember these crazy nights???...

Well they are back!!!

I am really excited to be taking East Coast Whisky back to The Edinburgh Larder on Friday 23rd August. We enjoyed so many legendary nights there in the couple of years before Covid. Of course since then our community has grown to be a tribe of worldwide whisky lovers through our online tastings. Yet it remains hard to beat coming together in person to enjoy the water of life. Alongside the tours I’ve been wanting to get back to more food & whisky nights, and in-person tastings at ECW HQ. Finally then, they are back, both with this festive date and a more formal whisky dinner on October 4th (& then the Dornoch weekender in early November)!!!

To keep this as chiefly a community event it’s going out to you all through the website and WhatsApp. This wont be on Eventbrite. Numbers are limited at the Larder so to fill it can I make a request? Please bring a friend or two!!

The evening will start at 7pm and run until 10pm. It will include food, and a great amount of quality whisky (say 14 drams!!), as well as the opportunity to take either bottles or samples away with you. The inclusive price is £80. Please pay either (f&f) or bank transfer. Book soon to ensure you get your places!! See you soon!!

The Edinburgh Larder

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We've got two amazing community online tastings coming up this month...

Friday 19th July - Young Guns Vol.1 - Challenged to deliver exceptional whiskies under 10 years of age, here is a perfect collection of drams, which proves great whisky can deliver at any age.

Friday 26th July - Summer Stunners - An absolutely stellar line-up to celebrate Summer, some best in class drams here, including from Caol Ila, Port Ellen & the beloved Isle of Jura.

to get involved with either or both, please message us through the East Coast Whisky WhatsApp community, or send an email to dram@eastcoastwhisky

You will not want to miss these!!

Young Guns Vol.1

Echlinville 7yo Single Malt Whiskey 50%

Wollfburn ISA 53.4%

Wire Works alter ego  51.5%

Belgian Owl 40months 46%

Caol Ila 6yo 60.3%

Oc5 (Octomore) 59.8%

Waterford Peated Ballybannon 50%

Lagavulin 10 Feis Ile 2024 56.7%

Strathearn 3yrs 8months 55%

Highland Park 5yrs 43% 1960’s

Silkie Dark Cask Strength 64.39%

Spirit Hound Straight Malt Whisky 45%

Lagg Corriecavie 55%

Nikka Yoichi 10 45%

Summer Stunners

1982 Caol Ila 38 - Cadenhead’s - 47.2%

1981 Caol Ila 39 - G&M P.C. - 58.4%

1983 Islay/Caol Ila 32 - Samaroli - 43%

1973 Port Ellen 21 - P.E. Maltings 25th - 58.4%

1979 Port Ellen 29 - D.Laing Duty Free - 53.8%

1988 Bunnahabhain 35 - Silver Seal - 46.5%

1966 Isle of Jura 30 - Signtory Vintage - 52.6%

1990 Islay/Laphroaig 32 - Swell De Sprits - 50.7%

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East Lothian & Edinburgh


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