Humble Beginnings...

Like more than a few good things in life, my whisky passion started with a dram, a dram of whisky on my wedding day. It was nothing fancy mind, just an aptly named “Founders Reserve”.  From there I dived deep into the whisky ocean, and went - like a lot of you I imagine - on a wonderful journey of discovery.  A journey not just of taste, places, and special moments in time...but of whisky people and their stories.

Whisky is a wonderful medicine. When treated with respect, it brings people together, and encourages community, sharing and enjoyment.  Whisky stimulates creativity and its appreciation. It can open up the heart and stir the soul. 


From just the three simple ingredients of barley, water, and yeast, and then through a romantic industrial - or even alchemical process - beautiful spirit emerges to be filled into casks, and rests there for time and wood to work their magic.  Later, sometimes much later, design & bottling occurs. Only then comes the special moment for us all to taste and discover this water of life.  

East Coast Whisky represents the continuation of this journey, into sharing with you what whisky is out there, the experiences and stories it brings, and the people it meets along its way.

There will be blogging, tastings, whisky meals, festivals, cask bottling, and more as we journey to maturation.

Our focus is coastal and local, as myself and the team are based in East Lothian and Edinburgh, Scotland. Yet we are open to all who form this global whisk(e)y community, near and far.

So welcome, pour yourself a #dramotheday and enjoy!!!

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Updated: 4 days ago

Friday 21st August -

Mancarella Secret Highland Distillery 35/1985

Rare Malts Glenury Royal 28

Signatory Caol Ila 1974

First Cask Glentauchers 1976

Grosperrin Cognac Fin Bois No.68 (aged at least 36 years)

Clynelish Select Reserve 2014

Springbank 16 2001 Port Cask (cage bottling)

Linkwood 37

Friday 18th September -

Mancarella Highland Single Malt 36/1983

Rare Malts Millburn 25

Berry Brother's & Rudd Glen Grant 1974

Signatory Benriach 1976

Berry Brother's & Rudd Small Batch Blend 35yrs old

Clynelish Select Reserve 2015

Highland Park 1967

Cadenhead's Tormore 33

For the next two Old & Rarer online whisky tastings, I want to do a couple of things. Firstly some comparisons between years and producers, and secondly to give a little back to those of you who have been giving such great support for these events.

All the drams in these tastings are stand out, with a few you will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to locate anywhere else.

Some of you reading the above list, will be thinking Frederick is crazy to be dipping into Rare Malts, and offering 1967 Highland Park, or 1974 Glen Grant etc. But I still hold true to my ethos that whisky was meant to be drunk and enjoyed, as well as collected, especially in these challenging times!!

I've tried to keep the evenings as cheap for you as possible, given the price of the bottles involved. So this time one evening's tasting will cost you £130 including P&P. However if you want to attend both that would be £230 (saving you £30) all in.

There are currently 23 places still available for Friday 21st August & 18 places for Friday 18th September (I will update this figure here regularly).

To join please email me at which night (or both) you would like, and your address (if I don't have it). I will confirm availability with you. Then please pay the amount to as soon as possible to secure your place.

I will mail your drams first class about a week before each of the evenings.

Again thank you for your support, and see you soon.

Frederick Maitland

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Updated: Jul 7

I am excited to bring you Friday July 17th's Old & Rarer 3 online tasting, as this time it is dedicated to Lost distilleries, alongside a Found 44yr old blend (inc. Glenfarclas) and a 1973 Bruichladdich - all in all quite a lot to get your teeth stuck into.

On this occasion, you have a choice of the 2013 Special Release Brora above, or the 1977 Rare Malts Brora below, there are currently under 10 drams left of each.

The rest of the line-up comprises:

Cadenhead's 44yr old Vatted Malt (including Glenfarclas)

Caperdonich 30yr old 1988 Càrn Mòr

Linlithgow/St. Magdalene 26yr old 1974 Old Malt Cask/Douglas Laing

Glenugie 32yr old 1977 Signatory Vintage

Lochside 19yr old 1981 Murray McDavid

Glenury 21yr old 1980 Old Malt Cask/Douglas Laing

Bruichladdich 30yr old 1973

So as you've astutely figured out there are already only 3 spaces left for this tasting, and the choice of Brora's are on a first come first serve basis. (2 2013 SRs & 1 1977 RM)

In order to join its £140 inc. p&p to Please then email with your Brora selection and mailing address.

I will then mail out the drams to you a week or so before, and send you a zoom link with tasting notes the week of the tasting.

These events have been very well received, and I've already been putting together No.4 for August, as well as planning another "Lost & Found" for later in the year.

Please follow @eastcoastwhisky on Instagram for regular updates.

Cheers, and see you soon!!


So ahead of #002 here is the first glimpse of next months regular online whisky tasting:

For £60 inc. p&p, you get 20ml drams of the following, alongside a Zoom tasting, and notes:

Ben Nevis, Clynelish, Old Pulteney, Speyside, SCAPA, Ardmore, Kilchoman, Laphroaig

Needless to say these whiskies have been selected to present a malt symphony of flavours, this time to suit this Summer season, spicy, sweet & smokey!! These are all bottles that are no longer freely available, except perhaps for the Ben Nevis, but you will have to go to Fort William for that!!

Places are limited to 16 each night, and yes some people have already booked (in anticipation)!!

To join email me your mailing address, and preferred date. Then use

Im looking forward continuing this whisky adventure with you!!

Frederick Maitland



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